blake hanson and lewis taylor


Regular exercise can help reduce stress, so it’s in their own self-interest that Blake Hanson and Lewis Taylor take the time to enjoy a run together in the woods. When you’re this young and this horny the urge for sex can take you whenever and wherever and you simply have to go with the flow, which is exactly what they do without shame right in public! It’s almost as if they don’t care who might stumble upon them – so long as they get their share of raw fucking; and before you know it Taylor is being taken from behind bareback courtesy of Blake’s meaty, uncut cock. Happy to share, though, Blake is soon also on the receiving end of an equally hard fucking, riding his mate’s dick!
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enigmatic boys neil and leonardo in the lust story [trailer]


Sorry about the music… not sure what’s up with that >< But these boys are so cute — especially Leonardo in that sort of awkward teenaged boy way that’s so hot! This is a new release from Enigmatic Boys which has got so much stuff I’m probably going to be posting a good bit from them over the fall/winter. Click here to check out the entire vid!

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cute teenboys with a hunger for cum


James Clay Osbourne and Eros Christian are sitting on the sunporch on a nice day when a little breeze tickles in just the right place to get them in the mood to play. James starts messing around with Eros’ fly and the boy doesn’t seem to mind so  he goes further…and further…until it’s time to take it inside before someone catches them!
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artist’s quirks lead to unbridled raw lust


Xander Hollis loves to play piano. Perhaps he doesn’t really relish recitals though because like most artists he has a bit of a quirk that probably wouldn’t go down so well with the audience — he likes to play in his jockstrap. But it certainly works to get Felix Webster’s attention. The kid listens to his friend play some beautiful piano for a bit but their urges get the better of them and soon enough they’re going at it, kissing, sucking and fucking raw!
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hot blonde kid tim walker gets fucked by older stud


A new scene with Tim Walker – finally! Tim is still very much a kid at heart so he’s not quite caught on what Ricky Nielson is not-so-subtly hinting at by lying in the other room wearing nothing but boxers. He’d rather play with his RC heli. But when the heli goes astray and lands on Ricky, Ricky’s had enough. Time to teach young Tim a lesson – hot! Click here to check out the entire bareback scene!

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